• DESE Licensure Steps

  • Obtaining or Advancing Your License

    There are a variety of supports available to you as you obtain your license. Here is an outline of the steps:

    1. Identify which license you will need for your position and the requirements to obtain the license (see Licensure Requirements Tool)
    2. Create a profile and supply for the license in ELAR. The fee for each license is $100 and each additional application is $25 (see Applying for a license).
    3. Once your licensure application is reviewed, you will receive a detailed evaluation letter, which can be accessed through your ELAR account. Check your licensure status and complete any additional steps until it is approved.(see instructions)
    4. Once you have obtained your license, email your license page to HR and your Supervisor.


    For more information regarding licensure, you can review information on the DESE website. If you have any technical questions about your specific license requirements, please contact DESE directly. If you are a new teacher, your mentor and Supervisor can help answer your questions. You can also reach out to HR for additional questions by emailing personnel@chelseaschools.com. 

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