• The Chelsea Public Schools transportation department manages 18 yellow buses to transport over 1,300 students to school and back home every day. The department also schedules and supervises "specialized" transportation (vans and small buses) that transport students door to door based upon their unique needs. 

    There are three transportation options available to children in Chelsea Public Schools.  Please click on the links below to learn about the services in detail, including eligibility and application process for each.

  • Yellow Bus
  • Door to Door Transportation
  • Homeless Student Transportation
  • Behavior on the Bus

    The Chelsea Public Schools considers the school bus to be an extension of the classroom. That means the standards of behavior that apply in school also apply on the school bus. For example, students should remain in their seats and they should not: hang out of windows, push or fight with other students, throw things, or try to distract the driver.

    Students who violate the behavior rules while on the bus may be disciplined and/or denied transportation. Some school buses are equipped with video cameras, and the video tapes may be used as evidence in disciplining students who misbehave on the bus. The principal/designee or program director will make disciplinary decisions based on the transportation guidelines.

    Private Transportation Services

    Some families arrange to have their children driven to and from school by a private transportation service or individual. Parents/guardians who arrange private transportation are responsible for their child’s safety and behavior during the bus ride to and from school. Chelsea Public Schools accepts no responsibility if there is a problem with the privately contracted transportation provider.

  • Transportation

    500 Broadway, Room 110
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    Phone: 617-466-4473