CPS Benefits Information

  • Health Insurance

    Generally, employees working a regular schedule of 20 or more hours per week are eligible for health insurance coverage. Temporary employees and those employed under service agreements are not eligible for benefits. Substitute teachers are eligible for medical insurance after completing proscribed periods of employment as described in the union contract for those positions.

    The Chelsea Public Schools offers the following plans to its eligible employees:

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    For additional information, you may access the websites for the individual plans by clicking on the above links.

    If an employee is eligible for health insurance coverage through the City of Chelsea, but has alternative medical coverage (through a spouse’s coverage or other plan) which is not paid or sponsored by the City, he/she may be eligible to sign a waiver of participation in a City plan and be eligible to receive a stipend in lieu of health insurance coverage.

    Dental Insurance

     In addition, most health plans provide some vision benefits to their members.

    Health and Dental Insurance Forms>>

    Life Insurance

    A basic $5,000.00 term insurance policy is available to all eligible employees at a cost of $2.95 per month. Additional, voluntary, term insurance (in increments of $10,000.00 up to a maximum of $100,000.00 depending upon age) is also available. 

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