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TRiO Talent Search Program

  • The TRiO Talent Search Program identifies and assists students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The Program provides its participants with the following:

    Academic Advising - Students can meet with a TRiO counselor or mentor to develop meaningful educational goals.

    College exposure - Students are exposed to colleges, essential offices, and services. 

    Career Exploration - Students can research careers, training, and vocational programs.

    Application Assistance - Students can receive help in applying for colleges, financial aid, and scholarships. 

    Students can choose from a list of services and much more. 


Special Program

  • TRiO STEM Club is focused on activities, with an emphasis on Computer Science, ultimately increasing student's interest and familiarity with computer coding and sensors necessary to transition from a user of technologies to a developer of them. 


    • Outreach & Case Management 
    • Academic Advising 
    • Middle & High School Success Skills 
    • Career Exploration 
    • Admission Applications/Assistance (Common App/Institutional)
    • College Essay Assistance
    • Financial Aid Applications Assistance (FAFSA & CSS Profile) & Counseling
    • Financial Literacy 
    • College Exposure (Tours, Presentations, Workshops)
    • Scholarship Assistance 
    • Resource Awareness Parent Outreach/Involvement
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