School Committee

  • The Chelsea School Committee is a nine-member board. Eight members are nominated and elected by voters from each of the eight municipal voting districts designated by the City. One member is nominated and elected by the voters at large. The School Committee determines overall School Department policy and budget.

    All School Committee meetings are held at 7:00PM (unless otherwise noted) in City Council Chambers, Chelsea City Hall, 500 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150. Parking is available in the City Hall parking lot. Please call the Superintendent's Office at 617-466-4477 if you have any questions.

  • Members

    • Kelly Garcia, Chairwoman
    • Ana Hernandez
    • Shawn O'Regan
    • Yessenia Alfaro
    • Roberto Jimenez Rivera
    • Claryangeliz Covas Caraballo
    • Katherine Cabral, Vice Chair  
    • Jeanette Velez
    • Naomi Zabot
    • Veronica Dyer-Medina, School Committee Clerk


    • Budget and Finance: Ana Hernandez, Shawn O'Regan, Claryangeliz Covas Caraballo, Yessenia Alfaro  
    • Human Resources: Ana Hernandez, Shawn O'Regan, Naomi Zabot, Claryangeliz Covas Caraballo
    • Curriculum and Instruction: Yessenia Alfaro, Roberto Jimenez Rivera, Jeanette Velez, Katherine Cabral
    • Policy and Procedures: Katherine Cabral , Roberto Jimenez Rivera, Jeanette Velez, Naomi Zabot,