English Language Learners Intake and Exit Process

  • Placement Criteria

    Students whose dominant language is one other than English are tested at the Parent Information Center.  Results of language testing determine placement options. Parents make the final program choice within the guidelines of Massachusetts Law 71 as to whether their children attend immersion classes or classes in the regular program.

    Exit Criteria

    Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students will exit the program based on state and local testing results, academic performance and teacher recommendation. A staff team responsible for the LEP student’s education will determine that the LEP student is able to access grade level curriculum without support and, therefore, ready to exit the program.

    Formerly English Language Proficient (FLEP) Monitor Process

    The academic performance of a FLEP student is monitored for two years following exit from the ELL program. Students who experience academic difficulty due to language will be assessed by a staff team responsible for the student’s education to determine if student needs to be redesignated as LEP and continue services.