English Learner Parent Advisory Council

  • What is English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC)?

    ELPAC is a group of parents, guardians, and educators that come together to help the school district to better understand the needs of their students and to help us improve educational outcomes for them.

    Why are ELPAC's important?

    • They are a way to connect families and schools.
    • Give advice to school leaders and schools on topics that are important to multilingual learners.
    • They support students’ success.
    • Children do better when their parents are part of the school community.
    • It helps parents to better understand the system and to be able to have a voice in the system.

    Who can be a member of ELPAC?

    Any parent or guardian of current or former English Language Learners.

    How can I get involved with ELPAC?

    Membership is voluntary and is open to all parents and legal guardians of students who are or have been identified as English learners. Contact your school to get more information on how to be involved.