• Children spend a large part of their day at school.  Parents, children, school personnel and physicians must work together to keep asthma from interfering with normal school activities.  In order to provide the best care for you child, it is important that the parent or guardian meet with teachers, the school nurse, physical education teacher and other involved personnel at the beginning of the school year to discuss the child’s asthma.  Asthma can negatively affect a student’s attendance, but CPS is committed to working with all partners to keep all children in school and in the classroom, allowing them to participate in the usual daily activities of school. Children with asthma are able to take medications when needed while in school in accordance with CPS policy.  To support a student with asthma, each school year the parent or guardian will need to provide the school nurse with the following by the first day of school:

    • A physician’s order
    • Medication(s)
    • Asthma Action Plan
    • Parent consent form
    • If student is to carry on inhaler, a physician’s order is needed especially for field trips
    • Notify school nurse of any changes