Door to Door Transportation

  • Eligibility

    Chelsea Public Schools provides transportation services for students with disabilities in accordance with their Individualized Education Program (IEP) or their 504 Individual Accommodation Plan.  Each child's Special Education TEAM or 504 Coordinator shall determine whether the student requires transportation because of his or her disability.

    Assignment Process

    For students who will be riding door to door for the first time:

    • If a student has a transportation accommodation written into his/her IEP and the parent or guardian has signed the IEP document, the school principal or special education coordinator will contact the Transportation Department to ensure that door to door transportation is provided.

    • If a parent or guardian is seeking a 504 Individual Accommodation Plan, supporting documentation from a treating physician must be provided to the school and required forms must be completed and signed.  All paperwork will be reviewed by District staff to determine if door to door transportation is needed, or if the student’s needs could be met in another way. If approved, all 504 paperwork will be submitted to the Transportation Department to ensure that door to door transportation is provided.
      • 504 transportation must be reevaluated each year.  In August, families will be notified of all information that will need to be provided, including a new doctor’s note.
    • If door-to-door transportation has been authorized, the Transportation Analyst will contact the parent or guardian in writing and will inform them of the transportation assignment. A bus tag will be sent to the home address.
      • a parent/guardian may choose to provide transportation and may be eligible for reimbursement under certain circumstances. Any parent/guardian who plans to transport their child to school should notify the Special Education office and the School Department Business Office.

    For all transitioning students, including from the Early Learning Center to the Mary C. Burke Complex:

    • Transportation services provided through a student’s IEP plan will be continued in accordance with their updated IEP plan each year.  

    Early Dismissal Pick-Up for K to 4 Students

    • For safety reasons, students from the John Silber Early Learning Center and the Mary C. Burke Complex will not be released to anyone other than the parent or guardian listed as their emergency contact.

    Important Information for Students Receiving Transportation

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