Bus Tags for Yellow Bus Transportation

  • A bus identification tag will be provided for all students that ride a yellow bus. Students must have their student bus identification tag with them at all times while on the bus. It is recommended that the tag be attached to the backpack they use daily.

    For safety purposes, no student will be allowed to ride the bus home if he/she does not have a bus identification tag. A student who arrives at school without his/her bus identification tag will not be placed on the bus at dismissal and will be retained at the school for pick-up. A designated adult listed on the student system with photo identification will need to pick up the student at dismissal time. The only exception is when an adult brings the forgotten bus tag to school at least one hour before dismissal time so that the child may safely ride home on the bus.

    Lost bus identification tag: A tag may be replaced up to two (2) times a year. Upon receipt of the third new tag, the student will be suspended from the bus for five (5) school days beginning the following school day. The parent/guardian must call the Parent Information Center at 617-466-5500 to report that a new tag is needed.