Use of School Facilities

  • Chelsea Public Schools recognize that school facilities are valued community resources, and makes them available to community and local organizations, including:

    • Community groups;
    • Nonprofit organizations;
    • Members of the public (Chelsea residents)

    School facilities are not available for religious, political or for-profit groups/events.

    Spaces potentially available for community use

    Depending upon scheduled availability, the below-listed rooms or facilities may be available for public use with advance approval:

    • MCB Merritt Park baseball field
    • CHS Veterans Field (Memorial Stadium)
    • CHS Carter Park baseball field
    • CHS Carter Park softball field
    • CHS Auditorium
    • WMS Toltz Music Room
    • School gymnasiums
    • School cafeterias
    • Classroom spaces

    Procedure for Requesting Use of School Facilities

    Organizations wishing to use the facilities must complete required forms, meet minimum insurance requirements, and pay relevant fees and costs, such as custodial and security services.  Specific steps include:

    1. Review application form here.
    2. Contact Douglas Pena, Assistant Facilities Director, at 617-466-5101 or to verify if space is available.
    3. Complete and submit CPS use application.


    Applications will be reviewed in a timely manner and any associated fees and costs will be identified prior to permit issuance.