Chromebook Distribution

  • Chromebooks are available for all CPS students from grades 1 to 12, and IPads are available for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.  The District encourages families to use these Chromebooks as students will have direct access to software used in their classroom. Although the equipment remains the property of Chelsea Public Schools, students are allowed to keep them at home until further notice. You can collect devices for all students in the family (from grades 1 to 12) who attend Chelsea Public Schools in one visit. The Chromebook Care Agreement can be found here.

    Chromebooks están disponibles para todos los estudiantes de CPS desde el 1 al 12 grado, y los IPads están disponibles para los estudiantes de pre-kindergarten y kindergarten. El Distrito anima a las familias a usar estos Chromebooks ya que los estudiantes tendrán acceso directo al software que se usa en su salón de clases. Aunque el equipo sigue siendo propiedad de las Escuelas Públicas de Chelsea, los estudiantes pueden tenerlo en casa hasta nuevo aviso.  Podrá recolectar dispositivos para todos los niños de la familia (desdel el 1 al 12 grado) que asisten a CPS en una visita. Acuerdo de Cuidado de Chromebook está aqui.


    Additional Chromebooks and WiFi access for students from grades 1 to 12 will be distributed on:

    - No additional Chromebook distributions are scheduled at this time.  Please contact the pricipal of your student's school regarding the need for a Chromebook.

    - IPads for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will be distributed between September 16th and September 23rd.  If your child in PK or kindergarten is in need of an IPad, contact the principal's office at the Early Learning Center at 617-466-5150..


    For WiFi access, the District is currently offering free 12 months of Internet Essentials from Comcast, and is awaiting delivery of more hotspots.  Comcast WiFi is available if:  1) your home currently has Comcast cable, but not WiFi (if you have an active WiFi account, this offer is not possible); 2) your home previously had cable and the cable connection remains in the wall; or c) you have a utility bill with your name on it, such as water, electricity, or gas bill.  If Comcast is an option you would like to explore, contact the IT Department at 617-466-5070 or the Business Office at 617-466-4475 for assistance.  In addition, schools are currently collecting contact information for families in need of a hotspot.


    If your child needs a device, but you cannot attend any of the dates above, please contact your school principal or the IT Department at:


  • For questions regarding operating the Chromebook or if you need access to a WiFi hotspot, please contact: