• The grants office seeks, secures, and manages grants to further the mission and goals of the District, enhance educational programs, expand student services, and increase professional development opportunities for staff. Grants supplement, but do not supplant, the core services provided by the District’s general fund. Approximately 9% of Chelsea Public Schools’ annual budget is provided by grants (nearly $10 million).  

    Chelsea is fortunate to benefit from a variety of grant funding, including competitive discretionary grants from the Department of Public Health, and private foundations such as the Barr Foundation.  However, most of our grants (entitlement, allocation, continuation, other non-competitive, and competitive) are available through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). These grants support ongoing services in the areas of special education, English language learning, supplemental math and literacy instruction, and professional development, among others.

    ESSER III Grant award:  Chelsea Public Schools has been awarded just over $20.7 million in COVID relief funds as part of the ESSER III grant.  The funds will be available for use through September 2024.  A copy of the approved budget for the grant can be found here.

    Opportunity to provide comments on grant applications for FY2023

    The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has posted Chelsea’s allocations for FY 23 for Title I, Title IIA, Title III, and Title IV grants. We are working on applications and plan to submit them as soon as possible (to have the funds available before the beginning of the school year). Draft applications will be available for public comment from August 4, 2022 to August 10, 2022 at the office of the Superintendent, 500 Broadway. Suite 216.  For comments or questions, please contact Assistant Superintendent Mike Lovato at 617-466-4458.

    Oportunidad de ofrecer comentarios sobre las solicitudes de beca (subvención) para el año fiscal 2023

    El Departamento de Educación Primaria y Secundaria (DESE) ha publicado las asignaciones de Chelsea para el año fiscal 23 para el Título I, Título IIA, Título III, y Título IV. Estamos trabajando en las solicitudes y planeamos enviarlas lo antes posible (para recibir los fondos antes del comienzo del año escolar). Las solicitudes preliminares estarán disponibles para comentarios del público desde el 4 de agosto hasta el 10 de agosto de 2022 en la oficina del Superintendente, 500 Broadway, Oficina #216. Para comentarios o preguntas, comuníquese con el Asistente de la Superintendente Mike Lovato al 617-466-4458.

    Claudia Acevedo-Ziegler, Grants Administrator

    500 Broadway, Room 110
    Chelsea, MA 02150

    Phone:  617-466-4479
    Fax: 617-889-8361