• The grants office seeks, secures, and manages grants to further the mission and goals of the District, enhance educational programs, expand student services, and increase professional development opportunities for staff. Grants supplement, but do not supplant, the core services provided by the District’s general fund. Approximately 9% of Chelsea Public Schools’ annual budget is provided by grants (nearly $10 million).  

    Chelsea is fortunate to benefit from a variety of grant funding, including competitive discretionary grants from the Department of Public Health, and private foundations such as the Barr Foundation.  However, most of our grants (entitlement, allocation, continuation, other non-competitive, and competitive) are available through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

    <palign="justify"These key grants support ongoing services in t he areas of special education, English language learning, supplemental math and literacy instruction, and professional development, among others.


    Federal Grant Applications for Titles I, IIA, III, and IV as well as IDEA are being submitted in early August. If you have any comments or ideas on the proposed use of the funds, please reach out to the Office of the Assistant Superintendents at 617-466-4458. View document here

    Las solicitudes de subvención federal para los Títulos I, IIA, III y IV, así como IDEA, se presentan a principios de Agosto. Si tiene algún comentario o idea sobre el uso propuesto de los fondos, comuníquese con la Oficina de los Superintendentes Asistentes al 617-466-4458. Ver documento aquí