• Social Work Team

  • Counseling Services

    Social Workers are available to discuss issues with students such as studies or problems at home or school. Social Work staff will be able to provide on-site help for such issues as depression, teen dating violence, family difficulties, substance abuse, suicide prevention, pregnancy and parenting concerns, and overall crises. Students and their families in need of these services may consult with a school counselor, dean, teacher, or administrator. Referrals are confidential.

    Homeless Students

    The federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act is designed to ensure educational rights and protections for students experiencing homelessness. Homelessness is defined as children and youth who "lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. For further information on the services and supports available, please contact the Homeless Liaison at 617-466-5506.

Staff Office Phone Email Book an Appointment
Brooke Bolotin (A-Goncalves) 617-466-5055 bolotinb@chelseaschools.com https://bolotinb.youcanbook.me
Mary Zick-Turner (Gonzales-Pereira) 617-466-5002 zickturnerm@chelseaschools.com https://zickm.youcanbook.me
Kate Vigil (Perez-Z) (Lead) 617-455-5054 vigilk@chelseaschools.com https://vigilk.youcanbook.me
Anita Mercado (Bridge Academy) 617-466-5013 mercadoa@chelseaschools.com https://mercadoa.youcanbook.me
Jocelyn Flores (E3-E5 Students & Early College Program) 617-466-1130 floresjo@chelseaschool.com n/a