• Early College Program

  • Chelsea High School provides 11th and 12th graders the opportunity to enroll in Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) Classes during the school day at Chelsea High School. All students are welcome to enroll in Early College Classes no matter what their previous academic performance was or their current GPA. This is an amazing opportunity for students to take college level classes for both high school and college level credit for free! Students can take up to 2 classes per semester for a total of 8 classes in 2 years. Most classes are transferrable to State Universities, Community Colleges and many private for year schools.

    Ways to Enroll

    Students must submit to taking the Accuplacer test (at no cost) to be placed in the appropriate level BHCC classes. Students can meet with their Guidance Counselor or TRiO counselor to set up a time for testing. Following the receipt of their test results, students will meet with their Guidance or TRiO Counselor to select their college classes. Enrollment for Early College classes is on a first come first served basis, so it is important to test early and register as soon as possible to ensure there is space in each student’s top choices for classes.


    • All classes are free!
    • There are classes for all levels of students
    • Credits are transferrable to most colleges
    • College level academic experience with High School support still available