• Special Education

  • Chelsea High School provides services to students with disabilities who are eligible for special education and/or related services. Students can be referred for a special education evaluation through the Instructional Support Team (IST) process or in some cases by a member of the school staff, a parent, or the student him/herself. A team made up of appropriate school staff and the student’s parents or guardians will be convened, will evaluate any student requesting special services and if found eligible will recommend appropriate services and/or program, including an individualized education program (IEP) or 504 accommodation plan. The Chelsea Public Schools will adhere to Massachusetts and Federal Laws and regulations concerning special education students.

    Chelsea High School offers a continuum of Special Education services that includes the following:

    • Inclusion - General Education classes that are taught by a content specialist and supported by either a Special Education Teacher or Paraprofessional.
    • Learning Center - Small group, sub-separate classrooms where the curriculum is modified and taught by a Special Education Teacher.
    • Functional Academics - Small group, sub-separate classrooms for students who require a significantly modified curriculum and support in life skills and communication.
    • Social Communications – Small group, sub-separate classroom for students who require additional support to effectively interact in classroom and other social situations.
    • *Questions, concerns, or requests for additional information concerning the Chelsea Public School’s special education program or students please contact any of the following Special Education personnel:

    Additional information about Special Education offerings can be found here.