• Deans of Students

  • At Chelsea High School we believe that discipline, like all education, is about learning. CHS Deans work respond to behavior in a way that will cultivate and sustain a safe and supportive school environment in order to positively impact both academics and social- emotional learning. CHS Deans implement restorative approaches that enable students to:

    • Reflect
    • Problem solve
    • Make amends and repair harm
    • learn new behaviours
    • build meaningful relationships
    • Re-engage with the learning community

    When a rule violation is significant, students may additionally be assigned a consequence. Consequences signal that a student’s behaviors are deemed to be inappropriate, unacceptable, or unskillful because they negatively impact the learning environment. All decisions about behavior response and discipline are grounded in what is in the best interest of students and with the intention of creating a positive educational environment for all.

Dean Email Phone
(A-Gonc) Yasmina Estepe estepey@chelseaschools.com 617-466-5050
Kelly Slicklen slicklenk@chelseaschools.com (857) 323-0902
(Gonz-Perei) Katie Szegedy-Maszak szegedymaszakk@chelseaschools.com 617-466-5024
(Perez-Z) Alec Lapan lapana@chelseaschools.com 617-466-5053