• School Counseling

    The mission of the Chelsea High School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, data-driven, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. School counselors are professional school advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. School counselors collaborate with other educators, parents, guardians, and community resources in order to ensure that all students, including English language learners and students with disabilities, have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to be productive and empowered members of society. School counselors at Chelsea High School provide the following services to students:

    Academic Development

    • Advise students academically
    • Refer students for tutoring and academic support services
    • Develop academic plans by establishing personal goals and developing future plans
    • Create student schedules and ensure that students are meeting graduation requirements

    Postsecondary Planning

    • Plan for postsecondary transitions
    • Provide college and career counseling services
    • Assist students with college applications and financial aid processes and scholarship opportunities
    • Provide students with alternative postsecondary options and planning

    Social and Emotional Development

    • Provide social/emotional counseling services and make internal referrals
    • Collaborate with team members to support students
    • Facilitate intervention groups and classroom lessons to meet student needs

    Family and Community Engagement

    • Facilitate parent nights to support with financial aid and postsecondary transition planning
    • Enroll new students and orient them to Chelsea High School
    • Collaborate with community resources to ensure wraparound supports
    • Provide ongoing communication with families in regards to progress in all domains
  • Counselor Contacts

    Using the MA School Counselor Association model (MASCA), school counselors meet with all students, individually, in small groups, and in classrooms. Students are strongly encouraged to talk with their counselor whenever school counseling services are needed. Appointments can be made online.  

Support Staff Office Number Email Book an Appointment
Rebecca Schmidtberger 617-466-5011 schmidtbergerr@chelseaschools.com https://schmidtbergerr.youcanbook.me
Mike Mansfield (Es-Mar) 617-466-5004 mansfieldm@chelseaschools.com https://mansfieldm.youcanbook.me
Rachael Whitney (Mat-Riv) 617-466-5010 whitneyr@chelseaschools.com https://whitneyr.youcanbook.me
Kristina Russo (Ro-Z) 617-466-5030 russok@chelseaschools.com https://russok.youcanbook.me
Jackie Corbaci - Specific Caseload 617-466-5041 corbacij@chelseaschools.com https://corbacij.youcanbook.me
Marcella Moreno (Bridge Academy A-L) 617-466-5009 morenom@chelseaschools.com https://morenom.youcanbook.me
Nina Davidson (Bridge Academy, M-Z) 617-466-5067 davidsonn@chelseaschools.com https://davidsonn.youcanbook.me
Ellen Kokinidis - Specific Caseload (Lead) 617-466-5008 kokinidise@chelseaschools.com https://kokinidise.youcanbook.me
Doris Romano - Guidance Secretary 617-466-5017 romanod@chelseaschools.com n/a
Kerry LeBlanc, Dean (A - Go) 617-466-5024 leblanck@chelseaschools.com https://mrs-leblanc.youcanbook.me
Kelly Slicklen, Dean (Gr-Paq) -- slicklenk@chelseaschools.com https://miss-slicklen.youcanbook.me
Patricia Arevalo, Dean (Par-Z) 617-466-5081 arevalop@chelseaschools.com https://arevalop.youcanbook.me