• Letter to Our Community

    Dear Colleagues and Community Members‭:‬

    In 2021‭, ‬we launched our five-year strategic plan for improving teaching and learning‭.  ‬We are thrilled to present our progress‭ ‬and share it with you‭.‬

    The data included in this report was collected over the past two years‭.  ‬We still have three years remaining in our plan‭, ‬during‭ ‬which we will continue to work on our priorities to ensure that our students thrive and are prepared for college and career when they graduate from Chelsea Public Schools‭. ‬

    In this report‭, ‬we highlight the various initiatives that have contributed to our achievements that have propelled us to the next level‭.  ‬We have established a strong foundation‭, ‬and we will continue to build upon it‭.  ‬With a continuous focus on instruction and through harnessing our resources to support the classroom‭, ‬we will be well on our way to eliminating opportunity gaps and‭ ‬providing an equitable‭, ‬high-quality education to every student in every classroom‭.‬‭   ‬

    Sincerely‭, ‬
    Dr‭. ‬Almi G‭. ‬Abeyta

    Strategic Plan 

    If you have trouble accessing this Strategic Plan, please contact CPS Web Team or visit this Strategic Plan via Google Drive.