Inclement Weather Information

  • In the event of inclement weather or emergency, school may be canceled. The following radio and television stations will announce no-school days.

    WBZ Television, Ch. 4
    WCVB Television, Ch. 5
    WHDH Television, Ch. 7
    WFXT Boston (Fox 25 News)
    Chelsea Community Cable, Ch. 3

    WBZ 1030 AM Radio
    WRKO 680 AM Radio
    WHDH 850 AM Radio

    The announcement will be made before 6:30 AM if at all possible. In some cases, for example unpredictable weather, it may not be possible to make a decision until later in the morning. In any event, the announcement will be made by 7:00 AM at the latest. You may also call 617-466-5500 for an announcement about school cancellation. Please do not call the School Department, the Chelsea Police Department, or 911 for school cancellation information.

    The District also uses an automatic telephone call system that will notify you about special school events as well as about school closings. The number the system calls is the one you have indicated you wish us to use. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for us to have on file your current preferred phone number. If you change numbers, please let your child's school or the Parent Information Center know immediately.

    The automatic telephone system will try to reach you at least four times. If you get a call from the system but do not pick up in time, please do NOT call back the number. You will tie up important telephone lines at a time when we are trying to get important information to everyone in the school system.