Educational Technology

  • Among the key functions of Chelsea Public Schools Information Technology Department are to provide a 1 to 1 Chromebook to student deployment where every student has access to educational content. Furthermore, we equip each educational space with the necessary devices needed to instruct our students, including a teacher computer, a classroom display, WiFi access and other required tools. In order for the devices we supply to be used effectively we provide infrastructure and core network services for wired and wireless networks connecting the district devices together, to resources and to the world at large.

    The district IT Department, either alone or in collaboration with other departments, procures, installs and operates key systems to run the school system efficiently and safely. These systems include our Student Information System, where student records are kept, our bell system, our security systems and more. Finally training and technical support is provided throughout the educational community supporting students, teachers, administrators and staff with their information technology questions and requests to fully utilize the resources provided.