Student and Staff Recognitions at Chelsea High School

  • The week of March 29, 2022, administrators at Chelsea High School honored Students and Staff members of the Week. This week’s recipients included:

    • Jay Velez - CHS Family Liaison
    "Jay goes above and beyond for his community. He plans parent nights, calls and meets with countless families, and always jumps in to help! Thank you, Jay!"
    • Nathan Hem - CHS Student 

    "Nathan takes great pride in his learning. He revises work until he is satisfied with his level of understanding. Nathan is able to engage with challenging content and asks excellent questions."

    • Dan Doucette - CHS Staff 

    "Dan is always super helpful! We appreciate your work and friendliness!"

    • Gamliel Artica Platas - CHS Student
    "Gamliel is hardworking and kind. He works well with his peers. He asks for help when necessary. He is curious about learning and prioritizes getting his work done."

    The weekly honorees received Recognition Certificates, and were honored in front of the main office on Monday morning. Staff and students designed a bulletin board outside of the main office where photos of the weekly winners will be displayed along with other celebratory items. 

    Every week, CHS will be honoring new students and staff members for their contributions to the school community!

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