FREE remote after school reading program for students in K-3. Refer to text for details.

Free Remote After School Reading Program for Students in K-3

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    In-person and remote students are eligible. Earn prizes while becoming a better reader!

    As a Chelsea Public Schools kindergarten, 1st , 2nd, or 3rd grade family, you’re invited to participate in a 10-week program designed to help you, your child, and a teacher build a team and improve your child’s reading skills. By enrolling in this program:

    • You will attend 5 remote workshops on how to support your child’s reading at home

    • Ensure your child can attend remote instruction twice a week for 45-minutes each

    • Practice reading together at home.

    You will earn points for your participation and practice, and with enough points, your child can win a prize!

    Interested? Enroll your child with Springboard Learning Accelerator.