Class of 2024 Senior Awards Night

  • Students receiving an award at the Class of 2024 Senior Awards Night at Chelsea High School

    Members of the Class of 2024 were recognized on June 5 as award and scholarship recipients. Congratulations to all!



    CHELSEA, Mass. – Chelsea High School celebrated its Senior Awards Night on Wednesday, June 5, in the CHS Auditorium. The awards bestowed are listed below along with the student recipients. In addition to awards, the ceremony featured the announcements of several scholarships and the official unveiling of the Class of 2024 Valedictorian and Salutatorian.


    Seals of Biliteracy and Distinction were also distributed.  The Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy is an award provided by state-approved public schools and districts that recognizes high school graduates who attain high functional and academic levels of proficiency in English and one or more other world languages by high school graduation. The State Seal of Biliteracy takes the form of an insignia that appears on the transcript and/or diploma of the graduate. The State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction recognizes students who have exceeded the minimum requirements for the State Seal of Biliteracy.



    Abdullahi         Mohamed                   Coach Jack Niven Memorial Award

    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    Female Scholar Athlete

    Justin               Reyes                           Henry McCarthy Memorial Football Award

     Yamil              Rivera                          Male Scholar Athlete

    Angel               Mejia                           Michael Moronski Memorial Award 

    Yareliz              Gonzalez Falcon          Thomas Phillips Memorial Award


    Class Officer Awards

    Jimmy              Merino-Guerra            Class Officers – President

    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    Class Officers - Vice President

    Isra                  Bana                            Class Officers - Secretary

    Camila             Beato Hernandez        Class Officers – Historian

    Herver             Alvarado Reyes           Class Officers - Treasurer


    English Language Arts


    Jennifer           Artiga Lemus               English Language Arts

    Ariana             Zelaya Canelas             English Language Arts




    Javien              Diaz                             History

    Italo                 Pineda Cuellar             History


    La Vida


    Camila             Beato Hernandez        LaVida

    Jeshua             Calleja Guerra             LaVida

    Alessandra      Campos                       LaVida

    Aya                  Kohli                            LaVida

    Jimmy              Merino-Guerra            LaVida

    Vicky               Ostorga                       LaVida

    Daniela            Perez                           LaVida

    Italo                 Pineda Cuellar             LaVida

    Jonathan         Recincoy-Herrera        LaVida

    Carolina (Ana) Rivera Castro               LaVida

    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    LaVida

    Hellen              Turcios Funez              LaVida

    Ariana             Zelaya Canelas             LaVida




    Jesus               Esquivel Flores             Math

    David               Murillo                         Math


    Multilingual Education


    Aixsa                Hernandez Lopez        Multilingual Education

    Jose                 Hernandez Machado  Multilingual Education


    Perseverance and Effort


    Emanuel          Mendez Flores             Perseverance and Effort

    Ciara                White-King                  Perseverance and Effort


    Performing Arts


    Jeshua             Calleja Guerra             Performing Arts

    Xiomara           Garcia Gallegos           Performing Arts


    Physical Education


    Cesar               Montiguado Flores     Physical Education

    Jessly               Umana                         Physical Education



    Isra                  Bana                            Salutatorian




    Bryana             Cruz Martinez             Science

    Bryan               Santos Alvarez             Science


    Seal of Biliteracy and Seal of Distinction


    Esloani             Alarcón-Gutiérrez       Seal of Biliteracy

    Fátima             Andrade                      Seal of Biliteracy

    Ashley             Barrera Moreno          Seal of Biliteracy

    Jeshua             Callejas Guerra            Seal of Biliteracy

    Josue               Castellón                     Seal of Biliteracy

    Andrés             Cruz-Villanueva           Seal of Biliteracy

    García              Ever                             Seal of Biliteracy

    Stephanie        Figueroa                      Seal of Biliteracy

    Sarai                Galdamez Arriola        Seal of Biliteracy

    Diana               Hernandez Granados  Seal of Biliteracy

    Jessly               Umana Garmendia     Seal of Biliteracy

    Marieliz           Vasquez                       Seal of Biliteracy

    Jimmy              Merino-Guerra            Seal of Biliteracy

    Greandoll        Oliva Velasquez           Seal of Biliteracy

    Marelyn          Padilla-Herrera            Seal of Biliteracy

    Italo                 Pineda Cuellar             Seal of Biliteracy

    Jonathan         Recincoy-Herrera        Seal of Biliteracy

    María              Rendón Sánchez         Seal of Biliteracy

    Lourdes           Reyes                           Seal of Biliteracy

    Abelina            Reyes Rivera                Seal of Biliteracy

    Janetzy             Rodriguez                    Seal of Biliteracy

    Claudia            Rodriguez Nuñez         Seal of Biliteracy

    Rosalinda        Rojas                           Seal of Biliteracy

    Lesli                 Romero Chavez           Seal of Biliteracy

    Armando         Romero Fuentes         Seal of Biliteracy

    Nayelli             Romero Herrera          Seal of Biliteracy

    Darily               Sanchez Vargas           Seal of Biliteracy

    Hellen              Turcios Funez              Seal of Biliteracy

    Natalia             Umana                         Seal of Biliteracy

    Aura                Zuniga y Zuniga           Seal of Biliteracy

    Molina             Regil    Eva                  Seal of Distinction

    Tatiana             Palacios                       Seal of Distinction

    Ariana             Zelaya Canelas             Seal of Distinction



    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    Valedictorian


    Visual Arts


    Yamil               Rivera                          Visual Arts

    Darily               Sanchez Vargas           Visual Arts


    World Languages


    Ambar             de Jesus Martinez       World Language

    Richard            Murcia Castro             World Language



    Abraham         Soares Pereira             Horacio Alger Scholarship

    Nicole             Riscanevo                    Joseph M. Vinygard Scholarship

    Camila             Beato Hernandez        NHS Scholarships

    Jeshua             Calleja Guerra             NHS Scholarships

    Marcaylla        Louis Jean                   NHS Scholarships

    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    NHS Scholarships

    Rosalilnda       Rojas                           NHS Scholarships

    Bryan               Santos Alvarez             NHS Scholarships

    Hellen              Turcios Funez              NHS Scholarships

    Ariana             Zelaya Canelas             NHS Scholarships

    Sean                Perez-Ramos               Chelsea Rotary Club Scholarship

    Napoleon        Jean Lambert              Chelsea Rotary Club Scholarship

    Milagro            Acosta Hernandez       Scholarship

    Esloani             Alarcon Gutierrez        Scholarship

    Anthony          Alfaro-Mendoza          Scholarship

    Yasmin             Andrade Silva              Scholarship

    Jionna              Arnold-Day                  Scholarship

    Jeshua             Calleja Guerra             Scholarship

    Josue               Castellon                     Scholarship

    Jayden             Cruz                             Scholarship

    Duane             Davis Restrepo             Scholarship

    Yoselin             De la Cruz Gonzalez    Scholarship

    Wendy             Diaz Guzman               Scholarship

    Ruby                Espinosa Chavarria     Scholarship

    Kevin               Flores Chavarria          Scholarship

    Yareliz             Gonzalez Falcon          Scholarship

    Kimberly          Gonzalez Shaw            Scholarship

    Diana               Hernandez Granados  Scholarship

    Liliana             Hernandez Granados  Scholarship

    Emmanu-el     Hernandez Ramos      Scholarship

    Napoleon        Jean Lambert              Scholarship

    Stephanie        Martinez                     Scholarship

    Delmy             Moreno                       Scholarship

    Angel               Natareno                     Scholarship

    Marelyn           Padilla-Herrera            Scholarship

    Christy             Pineda                         Scholarship

    Lourdas           Reyes                           Scholarship

    Abelina            Reyes Rivera                Scholarship

    Yamil               Rivera                          Scholarship

    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    Scholarship

    Gizelle             Rodriguez                    Scholarship

    Armando         Romero Fuentes         Scholarship

    Nayelli             Romero Herrera          Scholarship

    Josue               Salinas Pacheco          Scholarship

    Karen               Tabares Ortega            Scholarship

    Natalia             Umana                         Scholarship

    Gina                 White                          Scholarship

    Aura                Zuniga                         Scholarship