• Our Mission

    Chelsea Opportunity Academy offers an engaging and supportive learning environment for young adults seeking a new educational experience. At COA, every day is a new day. Our school is built on strong relationships that help us overcome obstacles and grow stronger. COA students develop and practice the specific skills they need to be successful, valued community members

    Our Instructional Vision

    Each of our students enter our school with a unique story. Our goal is to meet students where they are at entry and help them successfully meet their goals throughout their career at COA and beyond. We offer our students a unique learning environment that individualizes supports towards academic achievement and personal growth. In order to accomplish this, the teaching and learning at COA will consist of several key elements:

    • Competency-Based Learning
    • Personalized Pathways
    • Multilingual Education
    • Holistic Support

    COA’s curriculum is challenging, inquiry based, and relevant.

    Our Core Values

    COA students and staff have created the following core values to support, respect, and unite our school community:

    1. In our school, every day is a new day. Students and staff will welcome everyday as an opportunity to learn and grow.
    2. In our school, we are all learners. Our students and staff understand that COA is a safe space. We value the opportunity to actively engage in learning.
    3. In our school, we value each other. We build meaningful relationships and respect the assets that every member brings to our community.
    4. In our school, all voices are heard. We strive to listen to each other, understand different perspectives, and learn from one another.
    5. In our school, we understand our education is both an opportunity and a responsibility. We demonstrate responsibility through our resilience, honesty, and respect.
    6. In our school, we commit to learning and growing from our mistakes. Through restorative practices, we work together to develop the skills of self-regulation, self-control, and self-advocacy in each other.