Chelsea Opportunity Academy

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    299 Everett Ave, Chelsea MA 02150 - Map and Directions
    Tel: 617-466-5064
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    Principal: Ronald Schmidt
    Assistant Principal(s): Adam Aronson
    Guidance: Lourdes Encarnacion
    Family Liaison: Jay Velez

    Grades: 9-12
    School Day: 9:15 am to 3:35 pm
    School Uniform: No
    School Mascot: Warriors

    The Chelsea Opportunity Academy (COA) is a place where students who have struggled to be successful in traditional schools will flourish. Through flexible scheduling, blended learning and individualized support, students will make progress towards earning a high school diploma. The school values students’ competing priorities outside of school and recognizes them as school credit-earning learning experiences. Students are active participants and have a voice in all aspects of school design, policy and operations. Students and staff form lasting relationships as they work together to build an effective and meaningful plan in preparation for college, career and life after high school.

Our Academic Focus and Approach

    • COA is a competency based school where students practice, revise and master a set of specific skills
      that will prepare them to succeed in their lives outside of school, college and career.
    • COA staff strive to form meaningful and deep relationships with all students in order to create a school
      culture that is caring, supportive and pushes students to accomplish their goals at beyond expectations.
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Unique Program Offerings

    • Students can participate in early college at Bunker Hill Community College and Benjamin Franklin
    • Students can create a flexible school schedule to accommodate work and family needs
    • Curriculum is delivered in part on the computer to allow students to work during non-school hours
    • Competency based system assesses students on skill building and not just content knowledge
    • Holistic student support provides wrap around support services for all students
    • Students can participate in Chelsea High School athletics

New This Year

News and Announcements

  • Youth Mental Health & Wellness Day - Thursday, May 23

  • 2023 School Report Card

  • New School-to-Home Communication Platform

  • COA Profiled by the Aurora Institute