• From Family Liaison Ivonne Cano

  • Parent Liaison Ivonne Cano Email: canoi@chelseaschools.com
    Tel: 617-466-5461 

    My name is Ivonne Cano. I was born in Medellin, Colombia. I am the oldest of my house with only one brother. In Colombia I finished my high school degree in systematized emphasis and studied at the university for systematized engineering. Twenty-two years ago my family immigrated to the United States of America. Here I started a new life and after a few years I started studying early education where I completed my associate degree. For 20 years I have been working in schools. I started just covering lunches and little by little I fell in love with this profession. I am still here helping every little one that I can. 

    • Translation during parent-teacher conferences and giving school tours.
    • Communication with the school's principal and school staff.
    • Work closely with the school's social worker to arrange meetings between you, your child, and school personnel.
    • Providing resources, facilitating workshops and activities to help you stay involved in your child/ren's academic journey.