• Our Mission

    Our mission "Strive, Succeed, Soar" is meant to inspire all members of the school community to become life-long learners. The Frank M. Sokolowski School is dedicated to becoming a school of academic excellence by creating a positive learning environment, upholding high standards, and strengthening our partnership with parents.

    Our Vision

    All students attending the Frank M. Sokolowski School will advance their academic and social skills to achieve grade level or above benchmarks. All students will be prepared to reach the proficient level on state mandated (MCAS) and locally developed assessments. Students will enter middle school equipped with the skills needed to maintain proficiency in core academic areas.

    The Frank M. Sokolowski School:

    • Develops and expands all students' literacy and mathematics skills.
    • Promotes student emotional and social development.
    • Encourages parental involvement to build a home school partnership for current and future
      academic success.

    Our Values

    • Come from the Pyramid of Success:
      • Hard Work
      • Friendship
      • Loyalty
      • Cooperation
      • Enthusiasim
      • Self Control
      • Alertness
      • Action
      • Determination
      • Fitness
      • Skill
      • Team Spirit
      • Poise
      • Confidence