• Our Mission

    The Eugene Wright Science and Technology Academy seeks to provide all of its students with an education of the highest quality. We strive toward a safe environment that stimulates students to perform at their greatest abilities every day. We lead by example and teach our students about the importance of academics and studying, as well as the importance of respect and good character. We challenge students to set high goals and provide them with the tools to achieve those goals. Our school is a community of students, teachers, and parents that communicates and works cooperatively to maximize the success of our students.

    Our Vision

    At the Eugene Wright Science and Technology Academy, we partner with our families and community to empower our students to think deeply about their hopes and dreams, and to develop the mindsets, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve them. Our focus is always on our students; we believe in their potential, we hold them to high academic and behavioral expectations, and we keep strong positive relationships at the center of all we do. Our faculty and staff collaborate constantly with each other and with our students, to ensure that rigorous and culturally responsive instruction is integrated with supportive social-emotional learning opportunities. Our goal is to create and sustain a school where each student feels they can belong, succeed, grow, and prepare for high school, college, career, and the future with confidence in their abilities and pride in their identities.

    Our Values

    • We work hard and always strive to continue learning and improving
    • We care for each other and value the diversity of our community
    • We know that our students are capable of greatness, no matter what
    • We value collaboration and strong positive relationships
    • We welcome and educate ALL students, families, and members of our community