• Berkowitz School Home-School Compact

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    STUDENT - during the school year I promise to:

    • be on time and attend school daily unless I am sick

    • be responsible and always give my best effort on my school work and my homework

    • help my mind grow and my imagination soar by reading lots of good books at school and at home

    • limit the TV I watch and get to bed so that I get 10 hours of sleep at night just as the doctor orders

    • follow the Golden Rule in treating others as I would like to be treated

    • help my classmates and be a positive role model for the younger children in the school

    • obey the rules of my classroom and the school.


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    PARENT/GUARDIAN –As your parent, I promise to:

    • support, encourage, and expect the best from you, so that you succeed in school

    • make sure you attend school daily and on time, unless you are sick

    • provide you with a consistent time and place to do your homework

    • look over your homework and ask about what you have done each day in school

    • make sure you read for at least 20 minutes at home each day

    • teach and model respectful, healthy behaviors

    • communicate with your teachers by note and phone and by attending parent-teacher conferences.

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    TEACHER – As your teacher, I promise to:

    • create a safe and stimulating learning environment in the classroom

    • challenge you to reach your full potential and prepare you to succeed in the next grade

    • listen to you and give additional explanations when you do not understand

    • teach and model expected behaviors, attitudes, rules, and routines

    • stay in touch with your parents and keep them informed of your progress

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    ADMINISTRATORS – As principals, we pledge to:

    • work with your teachers to provide excellent educational opportunities and resources for you

    • take care of the school to make it safe, creative, and academically challenging

    • treat all students fairly and model expected behaviors, attitudes, and concern for others

    • communicate with your parents and encourage them to be involved in your education and school

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    Ms. Restrepo                                                                          Mrs. Edwards                                                        Date

    Principal                                                                             Assistant Principal