Student Support Services

  • Middle school years are unique for students as they experience many changes over a relatively short period of time.  In addition, many of our students of all ages are newcomers to the country, learning about a new educational system and language at the same time they are learning curriculum. Knowing that a student who is not fully comfortable in class will have difficulty learning, CPS emphasizes Social Emotional Learning where all teachers focus on the whole child and build strong relationships that help students feel confident in class. With culturally responsive teaching, all middle school teachers recognize that students come from many backgrounds and they strive to weave in material that is culturally relevant to a diverse student body. 

    Recognizing that middle schoolers may make mistakes, middle school staff are increasingly moving away from a punitive model, where students may get detention or suspension, to one that places a high priority on restoring relationships and learning from mistakes.  Social workers currently work across all three schools providing support to students and families on a daily basis.

    Services we can provide for students with disabilities include inclusion services, learning centers, functional academic programming, as well as a social communications continuum. In addition, our foundational English Learners (with beginning proficiency levels) are provided with programming and our transitional English Learners receive services using an inclusion model.