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    300 Crescent Ave., Chelsea MA 02150 - Map and Directions
    Tel: 617-466-5350
    Fax: 617-889-8644

    Principal: Lisa Lineweaver
    Assistant Principal(s): Joanne Klein
    Parent Liaison: Vivian Quiles

    Grades: 1-4, plus 5-6 Caminos
    School Day: 7:55 am to 2:05 pm
    School Uniform: Yes
    School Mascot: Kelly The Dolphin

    The Kelly Elementary School serves students in grades 1 to 4, plus 5th and 6th grade students in the Caminos dual- language immersion program. Students and staff at the Kelly regard themselves as a family, and together we learn to “be kind, work hard, and get smart!” The school focuses on academic rigor and social-emotional development and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, “grit,” and mindfulness. Teachers help students reflect on their own learning and explain their reasoning using academic language. The school values students’ community, culture, and language heritage. Students in the Caminos Program study in English and Spanish every day, leaving the Kelly School on a pathway to earn the prestigious Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diplomas!

  • KES Logo

    George F. Kelly Elementary
    300 Crescent Ave., Chelsea MA 02150 - Map and Directions
    Tel: 617-466-5350  |  Fax: 617-889-8644
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    Principal: Lisa Lineweaver
    Assistant Principal(s): Jody Klein
    Family Liaison: Vivian Quiles
    Grades: Caminos classes in grades 1-6, plus three English-only 4th grade classes in SY23-24
    School Day: 7:55 am to 2:05 pm
    School Uniform: Yes | Uniform Requirements
    School Mascot: Kelly The Dolphin / Kelly el Delfín

    Students and staff at the Kelly School regard themselves as a family, and strive to “be kind, work hard, and get smart!” The Kelly School is unique among Chelsea’s four elementary schools because it is home to the Caminos dual-language program in grades 1 through 6. 

    Learning a language doesn’t happen overnight -- it is a journey! Appropriately enough, the word camino means “path” or “road.” Kelly School staff and families commit to working together on a long-term learning journey that puts students “on the path to success.” 

    Students in the Caminos Program study their grade-level content in both English and Spanish every day.  With the support of school, families, and community, Caminos students will …

    • Become truly bilingual and biliterate.

    • Connect deeply with their family and community’s languages and cultures

    • Achieve at high levels academically in all content areas, in both languages

    • Take pride in growing their bilingual brains to benefit their own futures, their families, and their community.

    When Caminos students leave the Kelly School, they may continue on the Caminos pathway at the Browne Middle School, so they can stay on track to earn the prestigious Seal of Biliteracy.

Our Academic Focus and Approach

    • As a dual-language school, the Kelly addresses the same grade-level content standards as any other Massachusetts school, but uses different curriculum materials, including books originally written in Spanish.
    • Daily "bridging” and an end-of-unit a "bridge lesson" helps students synthesize what they’ve learned, reinforcing key vocabulary and concepts in both languages.
    • Since all Kelly School students are language learners, we work daily to develop academic language in both English and Spanish. Students at all grades practice Academically Productive Talk to clarify their thinking, add to each other’s understanding, and create new ideas together.
    • Kelly School teachers use a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to help all learners engage with content, show what they know, and become more independent over time.
    • We use the Trails curricula to teach social-emotional skills including the brain’s role in emotions and learning, teaching kids how to manage their own feelings so they stay safe, calm, and ready to learn.
    • Our special education programs include academic and other services provided in inclusive settings, in both English and Spanish.
    • Comprehensive support services for English Language Learners include in-class and pull-out services designed to accelerate students’ language acquisition. In addition, all students in Caminos receive in-class support to develop academic language skills in both English and Spanish.
    • Expert support from our Spanish and English reading teachers, bilingual Special Educators, Multilingual Language Educators, in-class math and reading tutors, highly qualified classroom teachers, and trained paraprofessionals ensure all students get the attention they need to learn to read, write, and solve problems in every content area, in both languages of instruction.
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Art Music, and After-School Programs

    • The Kelly School is known for our visual and musical arts programs! All students in grades 1-6 enjoy art and music classes at least once a week.
    • Students’ artwork is frequently displayed around the Kelly School, and selected artwork is featured in the annual Chelsea Public Schools Art Show every spring.
    • The Kelly School has multiple musical performances a year, including a Winter Concert, Spring Band Concert and informal performances at whole-school assemblies.
    • 5th and 6th grade students may deepen their instrumental and vocal skills by joining the Kelly School Band or chorus. 
    • Before- and after-school programs offered by community partner organizations include For Kids Only (on-site), Jordan Boys and Girls Club, The Salvation Army Kids Club of Chelsea, East Boston Social Center, and CAPIC.

New This Year

    • It’s an exciting moment at the Kelly School, because the Caminos dual-language program has been growing: For the first time in history, the Kelly School is now a fully dual-language school, with every student learning Spanish and English everyday!

    • Even as the program has been growing, our students are thriving! Over the past two years, Kelly School scholars have maintained strong growth on the district's iReady reading and math tests, even though most students learned half the content in Spanish but took the tests all in English! This demonstrates that teachers and students are effectively "bridging" what is learned in one language to show what they know in the other. Way to go, Kelly Scholars!

    • We have been adding staff to help every child achieve academic success in two languages. This year, we have seven language teachers who will support academic language in both Spanish and English, bilingual special educators, and both Spanish and English reading teachers.  We also have a full-time school counselor and a full-time School social worker to help kids build their social-emotional skills. 

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