• Our Mission

    The mission of the Joseph A. Browne middle school is to foster a restorative community of life-long learners where adults and students trust each other to take risks to learn and grow. Our community grows through supportive and engaging encounters with ourselves, each other, and our world. We achieve this by providing opportunities for academic conversation, fostering wonder and openness, and building readiness for respect, ownership and responsibility for all members of the Browne community.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is that by the end of 8th grade all students of the Joseph A. Browne School they will have the social, emotional, and academic skills to be ready to transition to 9th grade. At the end of the school year students are able to present a Capstone performance that outlines to what degree they’ve developed their Mindsets of a Middle School Graduate.

    Our Values

    We believe that all students can learn and achieve. We are committed to serving the children who need us the most and accept nothing less than an outstanding education for our students. By nurturing Reflective, Growth, Curiosity, and Reasoning Mindsets we support students in their learning in all settings. Students will develop these mindsets and thus understand who they are as learners and how much they’ve developed as learners during their time at the Browne.