Transition to Middle School

  • Chelsea Public Schools knows that making a decision on what middle school your child should attend is a difficult one, and we want to make sure that all parents know about the many great academic and extracurricular offerings that can be found at Chelsea middle schools. In addition, CPS offers students an array of services to help them be ready to learn each day and we ensure that the school buildings are safe, clean, and support learning.

    CPS has three middle schools that serve between 450 and 700 students in grades 5 to 8 each.  Official enrollment on October 1, 2023 at each school was:

    • Browne Middle School – 485
    • Morris H. Seigal Clark Avenue Middle School – 678
    • Wright Science & Technology Academy - 451 

    Browne Middle School and Wright Science and Technology Academy are located within the same building, called the Williams Middle School Complex, at 180 Walnut Street. Clark Avenue Middle School is located at 8 Clark Avenue. District transportation is not provided to middle school students, except for those with a transportation accommodation.  As a result, the majority of students walk to school each day.


    Beyond even the academics, services, and physical facilities, what makes Chelsea middle schools special is their talented and hardworking staff.  Everyone--from the custodians and cafeteria workers to the teachers and principals--is focused on ensuring that all students feel safe, comfortable and welcomed so that they can best succeed during their middle school years!

    Please come learn more about each middle school: