• From Principal Michael Talbot

  • Principal Martinello Email: talbotm@chelseaschools.com 

    Welcome to Clark Avenue Middle School. This is my twenty-second year at the Clark Avenue Middle School and my sixth year as Principal. I feel privileged to work in the community of Chelsea and with our families. It is great to see our former students contributing to our community as young professionals. While we have a modern new school, I believe that it is not the building that educates students, rather it is the faculty and staff. At the Clark, we have a strong faculty of educators committed to welcoming and educating our students. In addition, many of our faculty members serve on multiple committees to grow as professionals and to support the continued improvement of our school community. One of our key initiatives focuses on supporting students to set goals and reflect in a meaningful way on their progress toward these goals. Check out our school’s Mission, Vision, and Values.

    As we work together toward our goals, I welcome your feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email or phone. I believe that we, as educators and parents, have the awesome responsibility of working together as a community.