• Mission

    The John Silber Early Learning Center welcomes and educates all learners and engages all families. We strive to create a positive, inclusive learning environment for all students so that they experience academic success and develop a love of learning.


    Students who attend the Early Learning Center will become expert learners and productive citizens. To ensure this, we will build a strong academic and social emotional foundation for our most precious resource- -our children.


    The early childhood years often set the stage for a child’s later learning; thus, teachers at the John Silber Early Learning Center take on a very special responsibility. Early childhood teachers in Chelsea accept this responsibility. They acknowledge that a child’s experiences play a major role in development and that the school experiences they provide can profoundly influence a young child’s life.

    Early Childhood programs in Chelsea seek to enhance children’s physical well-being, health, social skills, oral language, and background knowledge, appreciation for art and music, and academic skills development in literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Teachers provide for children’s development in these areas by engaging them in active learning programs with a balance of supervised, independent activities and adult planned and guided instruction.

    Programs are integrated with respect to all ranges of abilities. The classes are diverse racially, ethnically, and linguistically, reflecting the diversity of the world and enriching the school experience. Teachers are committed to maximizing individual learning and creativity within a framework of concern for all children in the group.

    Teachers know that they, alone, cannot educate children. Children’s families provide the foundation essential for learning. Teachers communicate with parents and support their efforts to help children extend their learning at home. Teachers also depend on and expect support for classroom needs and for training. Within a framework of support, Chelsea’s teachers are committed to lifelong learning. They work together and support each other by sharing instructional practices and creative ideas, and by evaluating each other’s teaching, as well as planning and participating in professional development activities.