Chelsea Public Schools - Bridge to Success

The Chelsea Opportunity Academy is a small, competency based high school within Chelsea High School. We were established in 2018 with the help from the Barr Foundation.

Principal and Contact Information:

Ronald Schmidt, Principal
299 Everett Ave
Chelsea, MA 02150

Our Mission Statement:

The Chelsea Opportunity Academy offers a transformational and supportive learning environment for overage and undercredited learners who have not experienced success in traditional high schools. Our approach includes personalized pathways, competency-based learning, holistic support services, and multilingual education. COA students develop the life-long skills necessary to be successful as college students, career professionals, and community members. Our community values diversity of perspective and voice as well as the unique assets of our students, families, and staff, and view adversity as an opportunity to show fortitude and perseverance. At COA, all community members believe that every day is a new day and a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Core Values:

  • In our school, we are all learners. Our students and staff understand that COA is a safe space. We value the opportunity to actively engage in learning.
  • In our school, we value each other. We build meaningful relationships and respect the assets that every member brings to our community.
  • In our school, all voices are heard. We strive to listen to each other, understand different perspectives, and learn from one another.
  • In our school, we are fair and responsible. Through restorative practices, we commit to learning and growing from our mistakes.
  • In our school, every day is a new day and a fresh start. Students and staff will approach everyday as a new opportunity to learn and grow.
  • In our school, we work to improve ourselves as people every day. We work together to develop the skills of self-regulation, self-control, and self-advocacy in each other.
  • We are proud Chelsea Opportunity Academy students and staff who embrace our core values and will work together to support, respect, and maintain our school community.

Visiting the Chelsea Opportunity Academy? Below is a map to our school. Please sign in at the Chelsea High School security desk and ask for COA!

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