Chelsea Public Schools - Bridge to Success

ELL Coordinator: Sean Sibson
180 Walnut St, Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: 617-466-5241

Coordinator: Bridge Academy @CHS
Deidre Collins
299 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: 617-466-5000

Mission Statement: Given the appropriate level of ELL support, all English language learners will develop the social skills and fundamental academic English language proficiency to meet their grade level benchmarks. All students will work toward attaining a proficient level or above on state achievement standards and academic assessments for their grade. In classroom climates that respect diversity, the program participants will be prepared for general education classes, college and career by having:

  • 21st Century Skills
  • High Aspirations
  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Sheltered English Immersion Program (Grades 1-8, Levels 1, 2; Grade 9-12 Levels 1, 2, 3):

In grades 1-8, this program is designed to successfully prepare students to transition to regular program classes after two years. In grades 9-12, this program is designed to successfully prepare students to transition to regular program classes after 3 years. All instruction in these classes is in English, as are all texts and instructional materials.

English as a Second Language Services (K-12)

Limited English proficient students who are in regular education classes receive ESL services until they demonstrate English language proficiency and are able to complete grade level curriculum without language support.

Caminos Two-Way Program:

This Spanish two-way program is available at the Early Learning Center (Shurtleff School) and the George F. Kelly School. Placement Assessments indicate eligibility for entrance into this program. Students must meet all protocol and testing benchmarks to remain in the program.

Placement Criteria

Students whose dominant language is one other than English are tested at the Parent Information Center.

Results of language testing determine placement options. Parents make the final program choice within the guidelines of Massachusetts Law 71 as to whether their children attend immersion classes or classes in the regular program.

Exit Criteria

Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students will exit the program based on state and local testing results, academic performance and teacher recommendation. A staff team responsible for the LEP student’s education will determine that the LEP student is able to access grade level curriculum without support and, therefore, ready to exit the program.

Formerly English Language Proficient (FLEP) Monitor Process

The academic performance of a FLEP student is monitored for two years following exit from the ELL program. Students who experience academic difficulty due to language will be assessed by a staff team responsible for the student’s education to determine if student needs to be redesignated as LEP and continue services.

Parents Right to Choose

Parents may request that their child not be placed in or removed from English Learners' classes at any time. At such time, conferences are held between the parent/s and school personnel. Based upon test results and classroom performance, recommendations are made for placement. Parents have the final program choice within the guidelines of 71 A as to whether their children attend English immersion classes or classes in the regular program.

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