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Student Walkout

Dear Parents / Guardians:

As you know the Walkout that was planned for yesterday was postponed due to school cancellation. In conversations between students at administration yesterday via email, it was planned that students would still honor the 17 lives lost in Florida by gathering inside the red gym at Chelsea High School (CHS) for speeches, etc. At the middle schools it was planned for students to do in-classroom activities.

Early this morning at approximately 7:45 a.m., students at CHS and Wright Science and Technology Academy (WSTA) approached administration with the desire to return to their original plan and walk outside; CHS to the football field and WSTA to the basketball court. To support our students we quickly put back into place our original plan with support from Chelsea police. The Browne Middle School (BMS) still wanted to do in-classroom activities. I want to commend our administrators for the short turnaround in implementing the original plan from earlier in the week.

The Wright Science and Technology Academy (WSTA) had approximately 30-40 students who walked out to the basketball court but only remained there approximately 5 minutes due to the cold. There were approximately 400 students from CHS who walked out to the football field and remained there for the entire 17 minutes to honor the 17 lives lost.

I was extremely proud of our CHS students for the program they planned and for adhering to the time stipulations we placed on them. We even had CHS students helping the custodians mop up the wet floor after students walked back into the building tracking in the wet snow! Our students were remarkable! All students who chose to remain in school had adult supervision.


Dr. Bourque

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Stephanie Simon at Nationals

Hi everyone,

Stephanie Simon became the first ever CHS female athlete to compete at the New Balance High School National Championship this past weekend at North Carolina A&T. She represented the school and herself well finishing 15th in the high jump (in a field of 54) and 27th in the triple jump (field of 44). If you see her over the next few days please give her a congrats!!! The sky is the future for this talented student athlete - just a sophomore. She is already looking forward to next year and even better performances.

Thank you for all your support, Mark and CHS track family.

ps. banquet is tomorrow night at the Moose Lodge in Revere at 5:30ish if anyone would like to attend...

Stephanie Simon Stephanie Simon Stephanie Simon

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