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Second Quarter Attendance Appeals

The attendance appeal process for the second quarter will begin on 1/9/2018 and end on 1/19/2018. Please contact Mr. Carangelo at 617-466-5043 to schedule an appointment in English. Please contact Mr. Ceciliano at 617-466-5071 to schedule an appointment in Spanish. This is in-compliance with our school handbook and all guidelines will apply.

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Changes to The TPS / Cambios del TPS

Oriéntese sobre los cambios del TPS. Obtenga respuestas a sus preguntas antes de tomar decisiones drásticas. El abogado de inmigración, Javier Pico, estará hablando sobre estos cambios.

Get informed of the new T.P.S. non-renewal changes. Have your questions answered before making any fast decisions. Immigration attorney, Javier Pico will be talking about these changes.

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2018 Parent Workshop
Parents and guardians of the Clark Ave Middle School, Browne Middle School, and the Wright Academy please come and join us for the Parent Workshops. [More]

Saturday School
Saturday School ✴ Each session Excuses one absence ✴ Sessions are for Directed Study. Bring Work to do! ✴ Must arrive on time for credit ✴ All school rules apply (no phones or food) January 2oth Session 1: 8-11am Session 2: 11:30-2:30pm E Come to Saturday School to excuse up to TWO absences. [More]

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