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Superintendent letter - DACA

Superintendent letter - DACA

Dear Chelsea Schools Community:

Today it is expected that President Trump will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Although the President may end DACA today, it is believed there will be no action for six months.

DACA is the immigration policy put into place by the Obama administration allowing children who entered the country with a parent or guardian at a very young age and without documentation to receive renewable two-year documentation in order to work and attend school. It was the previous administration’s belief that these young people have been raised in the United States from such a young age that they know no other country and should be given a path to legally stay in the United States. Many of our students and their family members are DACA immigrants consistently contributing to our community and therefore our country. We support our students and their dream for a future in the United States.

I want to reaffirm to our Chelsea Schools community that the Chelsea Public Schools is committed to our mission statement, “We Welcome and Educate ALL Students and Families.” In addition, our schools have been deemed by our Chelsea School Committee as Safe Havens for ALL students to learn and thrive. It is through education that the doors of opportunity are opened for ALL our students.

We, as the Chelsea School Community will continue to advocate for and support our students and their families as they embrace the American Dream through education. We will work on behalf of our students and families alongside our community based organizations and legislators in the coming weeks and months.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mary M. Bourque


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Superintendent letter - DACA
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