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What Mental Health Resources are available within the Chelsea Public Schools?

The Chelsea Public Schools recognizes the importance of addressing our student’s social and emotional health. Each school within the district has at least one full-time school social worker on staff as well as additional supports throughout the district, including guidance counselors, psychologists, and other behavior supports. Along with these CPS staff, the district also partners with the following community agencies to offer school-based services and ongoing programs to further support students and families. These partnerships include:

  • North Suffolk Mental Health
    301 Broadway
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    1-888-294-7802 (intake appointment)
    (617) 912-7900
    Services include: Child and Family Outpatient Counseling, Child Psychiatry, Early Intervention, CBHI services (In-home therapy, Intensive Care Coordination, Therapeutic Mentors, Family Partners, Community Service Agency)

  • MGH Chelsea – Mental Health, 4th Floor
    151 Everett Avenue
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    (617) 889-8515
    Services include: Child Outpatient and School-Based Counseling, Child Psychiatry

  • Teen Connexions
    14 Porter Street
    East Boston, MA 02128
    (617) 912-7511
    Services include: Outpatient Adolescent Substance Use Assessment and Treatment through school, clinic, and community-based support

  • South Bay Mental Health
    70 Everett Avenue
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    Contact: Michael Corrado (617-466-6650 x2126)
    Services include: Home and school-based child and family treatment, CBHI services

Evaluation and Assessment: In case of psychiatric emergency:

  • BEST (Boston Emergency Services Team) at 1-800-981-HELP (4327) or go to your local emergency room.

Additional Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Services referred to by CPS staff:

  • MGH: ARMS Program / Boston / 617-643-4699 / (Addiction Recovery Management Service)
  • Harbor COV / Chelsea / 617-884-9799 / (Communities Overcoming Violence: focus on domestic violence)
  • MGH Haven / Chelsea / 617-887-3513 / (Domestic Violence Services)
  • Cambridge Eating Disorders Center / Cambridge / 617-547-2255 / (Adolescent/Adult Eating Disorders)
  • Cambridge Health Alliance / Cambridge / 617-665-3458 / (Mental health services for children/families/adults)
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters / Boston / 617-423-9575 / (Services for homeless youth ages 18-24)
  • Alateen / (variety of locations) / 508-366-0556 / (Substance Use Support Groups)

Hotline and Resource Numbers:

  • Samarateens (Teen Suicide Prevention Hotline – 24 hour assistance) 800-252-8336
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (24 hour assistance) 800-841-8371
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line 800-643-6250
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters (ages 14-17) 800-RUN-AWAY
  • National Drug Abuse Hotline 800-327-5050
  • Domestic Violence Youth Hotline 617-773-HURT
  • SafeLink (Dating/Domestic Violence Shelters) 887-547-2255
  • Parental Stress Line (Confidential/Anonymous) 800-632-8188
  • Girls & Boys Town 800-448-3000
  • Outright Youth Support Line (LGBTQ) 800-452-2428

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The Parent Information Center will be accepting Parent Change of School Assignment forms for the 2019-2020 school year on Monday June 17 through Wednesday July 3, 2019. Requests will not be accepted after Wednesday July 3. Please note that we cannot guarantee you will receive approval of your request. Every effort will be made to reassign your child to your requested school.

El Centro de Información de Padres estará aceptando los formularios de Cambios de Asignación de Escuela para el año escolar 2019-2020 comenzando el lunes, 17 de junio hasta el miércoles, 3 de julio del 2019. No se aceptarán solicitudes después del miércoles, 3 de julio. Tenga en cuenta que no podemos garantizarle que recibirá la aprobación de su solicitud. Se hará todo lo posible para reasignar a su hijo/a a la escuela solicitada.

Attendance Appeal Process
The attendance appeal process for the fourth quarter will begin on 6/5/2019 and end on 6/14/2019. Please contact Mr. Carangelo at 617-466-5043 to schedule an appointment in English. Please contact Mr. Velez at 617-466-5071 to schedule an appointment in Spanish. This is in compliance with our school handbook and all guidelines will apply.

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